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Ochranný svaz autorský pro práva k dílům hudebním

Table of lyrics/music authors
1Get OutPattonPatton
2EvidencePattonGould, Bordin, Spruance
3The Gentle Art of Making EnemiesPattonGould, Bordin, Patton
4Digging the GravePattonGould, Bordin, Patton
5Take This BottlePatton, GouldGould
6What a DayPattonPatton, Spruance
7The Last to KnowPattonGould, Patton, Bordin
8Just a ManGould, Spruance, PattonGould, Bottum
9Land of SunshinePattonGould, Bottum
10Midlife CrisisPattonBottum, Bordin, Gould, Patton
11Everything's RuinedPatton, GouldGould, Bottum, Patton
12KindergartenPatton, BottumGould, Martin
13A Small VictoryPattonGould, Bottum, Bordin, Patton
15From Out of NowherePattonGould, Bottum
16EpicPattonGould, Bottum, Martin, Bordin
17Falling to PiecesPattonGould, Bottum, Martin
18The Real ThingPatton, GouldGould, Bottum
19We Care a LotBottum, MosleyGould, Bottum
21StripsearchPattonHudson, Bordin, Gould
22Last Cup of SorrowPattonGould
23King for a DayPattonGould, Bottum, Bordin, Patton, Spruance
24RicochetPattonGould, Bordin, Patton
25Sunny Side UpGould, PattonGould, Patton

Mike Bordin – drums, congas, backing vocals
Roddy Bottum – keyboards, backing vocals
Billy Gould – bass, backing vocals
Jim Martin – guitar, backing vocals
Chuck Mosley – vocals
Jon Hudson – guitar
Mike Patton – vocals
Trey Spruance – guitar
Lionel Richie